Sunday, October 23, 2011

RedFall Update: 10-23-11

I know there has not been an update in awhile. The truth is that things have been pretty slow. October was going to be the month we started shooting the film, but now it might not happen until November or December. We are a very small crew and there are so many things we need to get in order and it’s taking longer then expected.

Today Dan Houser and I had a fun photo shoot for the film. (Dan is also the co-producer, editor, camera operator, and he will be playing Sam in the film.) We took over one hundred pictures of me dressed as our masked killer, “The Ghost.” We are working on turning some of them into posters; other photos will be revealed when the time is right. Keep a look out for them. We also filmed some test footage for the film so we can try out some ideas we have.

Check out the RedFall page for official news, and like us on Facebook.

In the mean time, enjoy our already released Teaser Poster.

Update: Dead links removed.

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