M.T. Smith
M.T. Smith is an aspiring writer currently hard at work on his first book, which will be a collection of short horror stories. In 2014, he completed his first feature length screenplay.

Apart from writing, M.T. Smith also has a passion for filmmaking. Since 2006, he has acted in several independent horror films. Deadlands 2: Trapped, Garden of Hedon, and the newly released anthology, Terrortory. He vows to release a horror film of his own one day.

M.T. Smith enjoys blogging about many different things, but mainly writing and movies. Writing may pertain to his own work or the craft of writing itself. When it comes to movies, which usually applies to the horror genre, he tends to focus on projects that he is a part of, but loves creating the occasional top ten list.

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Last Updated: Feb 3, 2017