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My Top 10 Horror Films of 2012

Disclaimer: I would like to add that I didn't get to see every horror film that was released this year. So if you don't see something on this list, it might be because I didn't see it. This list is my opinion and my opinion only. If you do not agree with my list then that is your problem. Feel free to post your list in the comments, but do not start a flame war over this. It is just a list.

That being said, here is my list...

10. Paranormal Activity 4

I am a huge PA fan. I loved the first three films, but the fourth just did not do much for me. The only reason it is on this list is because it was a hell of a lot better than most the horror films I saw this year. That being said, they need to really up the scares for PA5. No more fooling around, just go balls out.

9. V/H/S

I was looking forward to seeing V/H/S all year and when I finally got to see it, I’ll admit I was expecting more. However, it was better than most of the horror films released this year. It was a good anthology film. My favorite segments were the couple on vacation and the Halloween party at the end.

8. Chernobyl Diaries

Chernobyl Diaries is also in the same boat. It wasn’t the best horror film released this year, but it was defiantly better than most of them. Most people passed this one off as just another crap movie, but it’s actually not as bad as people say it is. To me it’s The Hills Have Eyes only in Chernobyl. (Hands up is you recognize the areas from Call of Duty 4.)

7. The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black is to me a decent horror film. Some would argue it’s more a thriller than a horror, but to me they are the same thing. I mean it’s a ghost film. I thought it wasn’t going to be anything to talk about, but after I watched it I was very surprised by how good it was for being a mainstream PG-13 horror film staring the Harry Potter guy.

6. The Possession

I tend to dislike exorcism/possession type films, but The Possession was the first one in a long time to actually entertain me and have me enjoy it. Yeah, another PG-13 horror flick, but it was better than half the exorcism/possession R rated flicks I have seen over the last decade or so.

5. Prometheus

Again, some would say that this isn’t a horror film. Well to me sci-fi horror is horror no matter how you look at it. Prometheus is a quasi-prequel to Alien. It has a slow build, but it pays off at the end. Although I was expecting a little more from it, I still enjoyed it a lot. I’m not given anything away, but the abortion scene is so awesome.

4. The Divide

Yes, I consider this a horror type film as well. Perhaps this is the one movie on the list that could possibly be placed in a different genre, but oh well. A post-apocalyptic movie where people turn on one another and then rape and kill sounds like a horror movie to me. The music during the very end scene is beautifully done; it almost makes me cry how awesome it is.

3. Mother’s Day (2012)

I’m a huge fan of director Darren Lynn Bousman. I loved his entries in the Saw series (which they need to make another), so I was really looking forward to Mother’s Day. I’d like to add that I have never seen the original Troma film, but at least I know it’s a remake and I’m not some mindless drone. This movie is brutal from start to finish, it’s a shame it didn’t get a big theater release. It did get a limited release, but it deserved more. Pure awesomeness.

2. Grave Encounters 2

This movie and it’s predecessor is proof that some straight-to-DVD films can be good. Grave Encounters 2 blew me away. They really pushed the bar on ghostly found-footage movies. The people behind Paranormal Activity really need to take some notes, because this is how it is done. (And when I say take notes, I don’t mean ripping it off. PA4’s end scene with Katie completely ripped off Grave Encounters 1. Sorry, I had to say it.)

1. Cabin in the Woods

I heard about this movie way back in 2009 or 2010, but it took forever to finally get released. Apparently, they were going to convert it to 3D. I’m glad they didn’t, because it might have sucked. (3D sucks) Anyway, there isn’t much I can say without giving too much away. What I will say is that it’s a beautiful blend of horror and comedy that is done just right to make it an awesomely brutal horror movie. And the cameo at the end is out of left field.

So there is my Top 10 Horror Films of 2012. If you haven’t seen or even heard of any of these films, then I suggest you really look into them. If you’re into horror, then you should at least rent them or something.

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  1. cabin in the woods definitely deserves the number 1 spot