Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Top 10 Horror Films of 2015

Here it is, my illustrious list of the Top 10 Horror Films of the year. 2015’s horror releases were much better than 2014. Last year I had a hard time compiling ten worthy films, and this year I had a hard time bringing it down to ten films, but I am not complaining. Here is hoping that 2016 brings us even more!

(Although I am still upset that the new Friday the 13th got pushed until 2017.)

Disclaimer: I would like to add that although I watch a lot of horror films and I try to see everything, I didn’t get to see every single horror film that was released this year. This is not my job; it’s just a hobby of mine. So if you don't see something great on this list, it’s most likely because I did not get to see it yet. Also, this list is my opinion and my opinion only. If you do not agree with it, then that is okay. Feel free to post your top 10 in the comments, but please, let's not start a war over this. It is just a list.

That being said, here is my list...

10. Knock Knock

Eli Roth has not directed a film since Hostel: Part II, so I was really looking forward to seeing The Green Inferno. After seeing it however, I was pretty disappointed with it. Knock Knock, which was released within the same month of The Green Inferno, is the better of the two films, in my opinion. The movie is completely messed up on a psychological level.

9. The Atticus Institute

The Atticus Institute was a straight to video surprise. The film is presented in a documentary style and follows a group of researchers looking to find people who have supernatural abilities. With a lot of bad luck, they eventually find someone who fits the bill, but there is more going on with her than they initially are led to believe. The only reason this film is not higher on my list is because it did have a small area where it dragged a tiny bit before reaching the climax. Other than that, this movie was crazy.

8. Tales of Halloween

Tales of Halloween is an anthology horror film comprised of ten short films revolving around, you guessed it, Halloween. Although this movie was not as enjoyable as Trick 'r Treat, it was still a blast to watch. Out of the ten shorts, I think only two of them I did not like.

7. Dark Summer

This movie had a similar vibe to It Follows, even the main character of Dark Summer was one of the actors from It Follows. For being a low budget horror film, it did a perfect job at building great creepy atmosphere. Something big budget horror movies tend to forget even exists. The surprise ending was even something I did not see coming.

6. Insidious: Chapter 3

As many people I know, I was kind of let down with Insidious: Chapter 2. I felt it was not as strong as the original, as some sequels usually go. I did not hear good things going into Chapter 3, but I gave it a shot anyway. After the movie finished, I felt it was better than Chapter 2. The whole dynamic of the girl being unable to walk around due to having broken legs added to the creep factor. It’s nice to see Leigh Whannell getting into the director’s chair. (Saw VIII next?)

5. The Lazarus Effect

This movie received a lot of negative reviews when it was first released, but when I finally got to see it, I really enjoyed the hell out of it. The story follows a group of researchers experimenting on reviving the dead. I find subjects like this very intriguing. That being said, these researchers find out the hard way why you shouldn’t play around with death.

4. The Last Shift

This movie kind of came out of nowhere for me. I did not hear much about it until after it was released. One look at the cover and I thought it was going to be another cheesy throwaway horror film, but as they say, never judge a book by it’s cover. Well, in this case, a blu-ray cover. This movie is creepy and weird from start to finish with elements reminiscent of the Manson Family. Definitely worth a top five spot.

3. I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance Is Mine

I honestly was not expecting much from this film going into it. Although it brings back the female lead of the 2010 remake, I was a little skeptical that the director who helmed the first two films was not doing this one. Oh man, did I sure have a surprisingly good time in the end. Not as much gore as the first two, but the gore it did have did not hold back. Also, the story had a lot more substance to it than just a typical revenge flick.

2. Deathgasm

Dethgasm is bat shit crazy, but that is a good thing. The story follows a couple of black metal fans who form a band in a garage. They accidentally release a demon onto the town by playing music written by a mysterious musician. Anyway, chaos ensues and they must fight for their lives against the now zombified townspeople. If you are a metal fan, a zombie fan, or just a horror fan, this is worth checking out. (P.S. Deathgasm is the possibly the best name for a metal band.)

1. It Follows

I know some people are not going to agree with this, but hey this list is all for fun, calm down. There were not any horror films this year that really blew me away like It Follows did. Sure, you might argue the movie has flaws, but that could be said about any film on this list or in the history of time for that matter. The concept, the music, and the execution of this film all come together into something truly amazing. An eerie atmospheric instant classic.

Honorable Mention: POD

So there it is, my Top 10 Horror Films of 2015. If you haven’t seen or even heard of any of these films, then I suggest you really look into them. If you’re into horror, then you should at least give them a rent.

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